How Come & Save works for businesses

Come & Save is a multi-tiered discount system in which the customer receives an increasing discount with each visit. The increasing discount motivates customers to visit the company more often. Loyalty is thus rewarded. If a customer does not visit the respective company for a longer time, the discount is reduced.

The number of discount levels, how much discount there is for each level and how long the visits are valid can be freely determined by the companies. The customer can see both the possible discount level and their current discount level in the Come & Save app.


We have paid particular importance to quick and easy implementation. Companies do not need expensive equipment or integration into the cash register system. Everything you need is in our free starter package. An internet connection or WLAN is also not required.

When paying with their mobile phone, the customer scans the chip that we provide. The current discount is displayed on the customer's mobile phone. All you have to do then is to deduct this amount from the customer's invoice.

The Process - Fast and simple

Open App > Scan Chip > Save Now

In addition, you can always check on our user interface how many visitors have used Come & Save and how much discount was given at what time.

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