How did it all begin?

Come & Save was founded in 2020 by Fabio and Mika. We have repeatedly used bonus programs ourselves, but in the end none of them really convinced us. Either they were too complicated, you had to wait too long to benefit from them, or we ended up forgetting the bonus card. We thought that such a thing could be done better nowadays. After countless phone calls, meetings, design developments and changes, Come & Save turned out to be what we had hoped for. An innovative discount system from which everyone noticeably benefits.

Come & Save is not one of those numerous and typical bonus programs in which you collect points only to get something back worth a few dirhams after spending several hundred dirhams. It also differs from a classic stamp card. Come & Save is not only digital and modern, but also offers its users increasing and directly noticeable savings with every visit.

The idea behind

The more often a customer visits a company, the more discount they receive from it. Loyalty should be rewarded. The companies also benefit: Due to the increasing discount, users are more likely to choose the participating companies. A win-win situation for everyone.


What makes us special?

In addition to fast and intuitive usability, we have placed particular emphasis on the security of user data. In order to register as a customer with Come & Save, we do not need a name, address or date of birth, unlike other programs. A valid email address is enough and you're ready to go.

We wish you a lot of fun with Come & Save!